From the Muzzle’s Diary

Smrčkov gaj is the friendliest dog hotel. They don’t even have kennels and I’m never locked in a cage. I can live in the human’s house, which is heated during the winter.
In the big doggy living room there are soft beds as well as a big TV. That’s where I can watch Animal Planet with my friends. Friendly voices talk to me and gentle hands stroke me. The walks are the best. I can really stretch my legs. I’m never bored; there are always other dogs to play with in the garden. I eat like I do at home.
I don’t even miss my family. Smrčkov gaj dog hotel is amazing.

PS: And I rode there and back with their special Muzzlemobile, for almost nothing.

It was a great vacation!

Our typical day:

  • Getting up, when the light wakes the well-rested doggies, who can’t wait to stretch their legs and wag their tails on a walk on forest paths in the morning. Dog walking is always done on leads, because the safety of our furry friends comes first.
  • Feeding, scratching and petting the well-fed doggies.
  • Between 10 and 12 are happy hours with treats and rewards.

  • From 12 to 18 it’s time to lounge around and play in the garden or in the house, depending on the season and weather.
  • A long walk before dinner ensures a good sleep and a peaceful night.
  • Between 20 and 21 it’s dinnertime, and checking coats for ticks.
  • After 21 it’s calm time and sleep.

Your dog will be constantly watched, surrounded by others, never lonely!

Please bring:

  • Their favourite food.
  • Mandatory – dog passport (the blue book), with entries of vaccinations against rabies and other infectious diseases.
  • Your doggy should be healthy and protected against external and internal parasites.

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Cell Phone

+386 41 530 888

Dog hotel "Smrčkov gaj"

Gradišče IV 63, 1291 Škofljica

By agreement we will check your dog in and out at Gradišče IV 63, Škofljica (old hotel), or in the summer house.

Picking up and dropping off your dog at your home in LJUBLJANA with our transportation will cost between €40.00 and €60.00.